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is a new program by Matthias Garzarolli for a quick and precise alignment of goto mounts to the polar axis. It is much more easier than the manual Scheiner-method or the usage of Guidemaster. A camera is not needed, but an occular with illuminated crosshairs is helpful and will give a more precise alignment. In an emergency the cross-hairs of your spotting scope can be used (but this is not recommended unless your batteries are flat!).

Alignment Procedure

The programm slews to two stars and uses the error information (offset
after second slew) to calculate the misalignment to the polar axis.
After calculating this offset the program slews to the difference, now
turn the alignment screws (ALT and AZ) of your mount, so that the star
is in the center again. Now your mount should be aligned (maybe redo alignment to verify your alignment result).

Video-tutorial by "Dion L Heap"

Limitations of free version

The software is shareware. Feel free to evaluate the software. The free version is fully functionable, but the operation is limited to 30 days. Also for the free version a registration key is required.


  • Goto Mount that can be controlled via ASCOM
  • The geographical location and the computer clock has to be set precisely for a good alignment.
  • Optionally: GPS device to read out exact position and time.
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